- Wendell Berry, The Collected Poems, 1957-1982

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At RambleRill Farm,

Farmer J (Jane Saiers) and Farmer D (Darin Knapp) grow certified organic vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, and herbs and keep chickens and goats. They welcome people of all ages to the farm for educational and wellness programs and to visit the farm store. They believe that everyone can be healthier and happier by spending daily time, be it minutes or hours, with plants and animals.

RambleRill Farm

Through my history's despite

and ruin, I have come

to its remainder, and here

have made the beginning

of a farm intended to become

my art of being here.

By it I would instruct

my wants: they should belong

to each other and to this place.

Until my song comes here

to learn its words, my art

is but the hope of song.